TAS Paracord Survival Bracelet - 2 Sizes

Bracelets come in two sizes 8" and 9" and they come in three colours. Black. Olive Green. Coyote Brown. Comes with a heavy duty 20mm buckle system. 8" 20. 32cm 3 metre length. 9" 22.86cm 3.3 metre length. Paracord strength 490lb, 222.72kg . . . read more

Selected Colour/Flavour: Black

Selected Size/Selection: 8inch

Black : 8inch
$7.95 (AUD)
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Product Details

TAS Paracord Survival Bracelet

The paracord bracelet began its life as the spontaneous creation of World War II paratroopers. They were often dropped miles behind enemy lines and needed as much lightweight, useful gear as they could get their hands on in order to aid in their survival. They recognized that the nylon cord from their parachutes fit that bill nicely
The TAS paracord bracelets come in two sizes, 8" and 9" and are available in three colours - Black, Olive green and Coyote brown and feature a heavy duty 20mm buckle system
The paracord break strength is 490 lb (222.72kg)
8" - 20.32cm - 3 metre length
9" - 22.86cm - 3.3 metre length




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