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A hexamine stove is great, efficient way to boil water or cook a meal. Hexamine has been used by the British Forces for donkey's years and they use them every day. This great little stove is an excellent addition to anybody's' field kit, simply fold out t . . . read more

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Hexamine Tablets

The hexamine fuel tablets are ideal for cooking when you only have limited space. 
Odourless, non-poisonous and easy to ignite – the Solid Hexamine Fuel Tablets from Huss can be used for camping, military and emergency use.
One of these tablets will burn for 12 minutes and can be used as a fuel starter or in a solid fuel stove.
You can burn multiple tablets at once to increase heat, decrease the cooking time and reduce the effects of the wind.
They’re also safe, clean and smokeless for your peace of mind.


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