CSG Combat Survival Gear Waterproof Dive Bag- Black

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100% waterproof fabric. Side pockets. Wide opening flap. Nylon webbing. Main compartment packed. Approximately 70cm long X 35cm wide X 40cm high. Including side and end pockets. Approximately 90cm long X 65cm wide X 40cm high. . . . read more

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Black : One Size
$125.00 (AUD)


Product Details

TAS Waterproof Dive Bag- Black

Made to military specifications of 1160 g per m2 and 100% water-proof PVC tarpaulin fabric
100% Waterproof fabric
Side pockets
Wide opening flap
Nylon webbing
Main compartment packed
Approximately 70cm long X 35cm wide X 40cm high
Including side and end pockets
Approximately 90cm long X 65cm wide X 40cm high


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